About My Art

I am a 13 year old self-taught artist. The art I do varies. The following art forms are what I do most:
Digital Art, Hand Sketches, and Book Illustrations

  • Realistic
  • Anime/Chibi
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Fan Art

About Me Personally

  • Continue growing in my art skills
  • Publish art in several books, including my own art books, comic books and story books
  • Have the opportunity to work on an animated film
  • Do commissioned art

My main love in life is to do art, and therefore, I do my art pretty much every chance I get. I have my own characters called "The Wolfies" and am working on a new set of characters for my series called "The Simple World" (to be released soon) but also like to do fan art (see my galleries for some examples). Most of my fan art is related to Pokemon, My Little Pony, and How to Train Your Dragon. I also enjoy singing and playing my keyboard, as well as listening to music. My other favorite activity is playing with my two dogs, Princess and Lisa. Princess is a Bichon Frise and Lisa is a Brittany mix. When I am not doing any of the above, you'll find me playing video games or on my computer playing games and talking to friends. I am also a proud Aspie (meaning, I have Asperger's syndrome) and I love dogs. So part of the money I make from doing art commissions gets donated to the Sacramento SPCA .

My goals are to